Computer Security

CTFs, Application Security and Data Breaches, these are the challenges that keep life interesting


Building and fighting battlebots from 1-30lbs. These battles usually happen in Seattle with Western Allied Robotics and Atlanta with Robot Wars


From Warhammer to X-Wing, Keeping track of converting plastic sprues into playable miniatures, as well as more eclectic conversions like installing LEDs.

PC Gaming

From FPS to TBS, these are stories from computer gaming ranging from Dwarf Fortress to Player Unknown.


Traditional Gaming

Board Games and Tabletop, This is a record of events during games played and tournaments lost.


From Cars to Backpacking to Cooking, this is everything else.

Since 1993

Life is about growing

We only have one life. And it is up to us to decide best how to use it. Personally, I believe that every moment can be used to grow and learn.

From work to games, every moment is a learning opportunity, whether it be new techniques to create a fantastic landscape on a table, to finding new and interesting vulnerabilities in systems, one learns new ways of doing things that not only help in that subject area, but can also inspire new ideas and techniques in another field altogether.

Additionally, its important to keep things fun. For if we don't want to learn and grow, then we are just staying stagnant, and letting life pass us by.