Thikutnazom, Inception

Alas, thanks my unwavering and yet loyal loyalty to my king under the mountain, I have been banished from the Mountainhomes. Alas, it was my mistake to dare to mint a copper coin out of iron. Somehow, the yellow slather made from the dried blood of a strange critter. Somehow, it just didnt pass the inspection. And instead of taking my head, he exiled me, and a few others, off into the wilderness to strike out. Of course, eventually, we ran low on previsions, and well in the name of the glory of Nokorobok, we have set up camp, our glorious seven creating an outpost for glory and industry. A new chapter will began here, in The Land of Machines, here at our new home, Thikutnazom, at least, hopefully, before the jaguars get hungry for dwarf flesh.

Our old home has promised to remind the merchants of our existence, and promised us, on our depture, a caravan before the winter. But now it is spring, time to set the plows into action, to go forth, and make this land our own, this frozen wasteland covered in snow that we shall call our home.

Spring 125

We moved into our new mountainhome, and begun digging ourselves a new place to live. With the discovery of packed sand caves, we quickly created a decent sized farming zone, and planted it full of things to help sustain us come winter. At least now we wont starve from a lack of food. We also dug out our meeting hall and a few dorms for our brothers and sisters. Looking into the summer, we are looking to expand our outpost with a few workshops for the stone masons and a small canal to fill and stock with fish, giving us the ability to have meat in the winter months, and a source of water that wont freeze over.

Summer 125

Got some industry up, and got some migrants to our outpost, 4 dwarfs and a child, bringing our number up to 13. At the begaining of the season, our bookkeeper got into a fight with a wolverine, whom was beaten back with the bookkeeper’s fists with minimal damage to the bookkeeper, and a broken rib for the wolverine. Undettered however, the wolverine then went after our outposts only child, killing Rith Mengizm. Poor Rith, we will miss you, and your burial will be grand. Of course, this murder pacified Solasman the Wolverine. A tomb was constructed for Rith.

Currently we are set up industrially to make toys and crafts for the late Autumn caravan.

Autumn 125

Everything froze over. And it did so before we finished building the brewery. I hope that the water put into reserve in our pond will be enough to sustain us over the winter. Or at least till the caravan comes and we can afford to buy drinks. A study was created for our bookkeeper. A new wave of migrants arrived, Bringing with them 7 new dwarfs, one of them a child. A caravan froM Nokorobok arrived, along with a Cravan, composed of dwarfs. Overall, it was a good seasion, with much growth and profit, and little disaster, including the construction of a pair of stills.

Winter 125

We pissed the merchants off. They left without trading with us. Started digging a mineshaft down to 20 levels below.

The MountainHome has made the following requests of us:

  • Crossbows (150% worth)
  • Fish (182% worth)
  • Leather Waterskins (171% worth)
  • ammunition (114% worth)
  • tanned hides (179% worth)
  • cut gems (135% worth)
  • prepared meals (166% worth)
  • rings (182% worth)
  • legwear ( 110% worth)
  • tools (191% worth)
  • handwear (191% worth)

We are this gearing up for handwear, tool, and ring production. We will also attempt to install a working fish pond. Or at least caputure live fish for trade come next winter.

Our craft dwarfs have been set to making rings.

Spring 126

Save File Corrupted….