Seattle, Round 1

So, I have ventured into Seattle for the first time properly this past Friday night, and as it turns out, me and Seattle don’t like each other. Coming from Atlanta, something feels wrong about Seattle. Though, for the sake of argument, lets attempt to rationalize this a little, but, all in all, it feels like walking about South Atlanta. In the good parts. (Or so I’ve been told)

Downtown Seattle. The Good Parts.
Downtown Seattle. The Good Parts.

Of course, I may be biased, as a good-ol’ southern boy, living on the better side of the lake.  A wonderfuller place, one that seems to still maintain a degree of normalicy, one that seems to not be the local hub of the local anarchy society, with a litttle bit of KKK style fun thrown in there for style points.

But, like any place, Im sure it has a few positive points too. And when I find them, I’ll let you know. After all, like many things in this state, its all a mixed bag of pain and awesomeness, depending on what your talking about and who your talking to, and where you are.  But, lets take a look at the city itself in a bit more detail.


  1. Parking. And by that, I mean a combination of the lack of parking, and the feeling that your going to hit every car on every back street due to the parking density. Honestly, how do you take a street that was designed as a two lane street, Slam two rows of fully packed cars on either side of it, and then still expect people to be able to use it as a two way street? There is barely a single lane left after that crime of a park job. And as you drive (or creep, because you cant really drive in the state of Washington. The speed limits are all set to turtle speeds…) you get this naggy suspicion that your about to take out every car to your left and right. Makes you glad that you drive a tank of sorts sometimes. At least you know your going to take the least amount of damage to some extent.
  2. Look and Feel It took me a while to nail how to attempt to decibe this one,  but, I figure the best way to describe this would be a movie reference. Back in the old days, when movies where young, there was a movie, called Escape From New York. If I woulda dirven into the scene of that movie, I would by no means have been surprised. It already feels halfway that way.
    Another Average Day in Seattle Nightlife

    In fact, it is just oozing with this anarchist, grunge-y feel to it. Of course, for some reason, I am not surprised that some of the artists for Shadowrun come from this area. If they ever needed inspiration for one of their techno-punk worlds, they only needed to look out their windows. (All that’s missing after all is a few robotic eyes and arms)

  3. And on feel, lets go into The Feeling like your going to get shot no matter where you go. Maybe this is a little of my time in Atlanta, as people do actually get shot if they wander into the wrong parts of that city. (gasp, big surprise. People getting shot in the ghettos.) There are certain warning signs of course that your in one of those places, and theres certain signs that people tend to give off when you want to give them a little bit of extra attention, just in case. Now, in a city with a sparser pedestrian population, you can usually manage paying attention to all your potential threat vectors. The problem with walking around Seattle is EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE A POTENTIAL THREAT. Expecially to someone who came from a city where the threats are real.  So yah. Theres some issues there with me and the city in that regard.
  4. Its also filled with punks. Normally this isn’t too bad, but look at above. Punks, anarchists, and that general lot will always fit into the above category, along with anyone who dresses/acts provocatively. In contraspect, Atlanta has its punks, but they are alot more subtle about it. The south in general maintains a degree of subtlety. This is both good and bad. For one, it lets us hide the bad parts easier, and push them under the rug, let us think they arnt so bad because they are not loud and in front of us. Seattle, on the other hand, is BRASH. In striving to be unique, everyone paints a target on themselves. And the problem with targets is, they must be watched, else they might shoot you.

So maybe Im a paranoid southern kid, but Seattle has its demon magic way of really putting my paranoia into overdrive. So I’ll stay on my side of the lake. Its better over here.