To start with, let me give you a frame of reference:


Now, is it just me, or is this a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE thing to be celebrating.

I even just talked to one of the (many) females that attend this wonderful school, and you know what they said? They said they hate it to. And, like me, they hate it for the most logical of reasions.

Every time we lower our schools standards for the sake of “allowing the underprivileged ethnic groups in,” we also lower the standards of the school for the rest of us who got here on merit.

Schools like Georgia Tech pride themselves on being the best of the best, the smartest, and a collection of some of the most brilliant people in the world. When you get here, silly things like what color your skin is, where you are from? They don’t matter. You are a part of an exclusive group of people that have proven themselves in some way to be smart enough to contribute to said collective, to bring something new to it, and to make it better. To increase its reputation by what you do on leaving it, and to make yourself, and your fellow students better. This has ~nothing~ to do with race.

Its also funny that most of the student I talk to about it here seem to agree with me on that.

So, I have a proposal. For the 2013 Freshman class, why don’t we aim for the SMARTEST class Tech has seen ever? That would be a great thing after all, and in the end, it would only be a positive contribution to our campus. We do have a reputation to uphold, Being one of the top 10 schools in the country (engineering). So lets focus on trying to topple MIT.

And as for the concept of diversity as a whole? Its a horrible horrible idea that fragments cultures. Instead, I have a new idea. Perhaps the radical opposite of diversity? Why don’t we promote inclusiveness? Instead of trying to promote and support a thousand different, conflicting cultures and subgroups, all of whom hate one or two of the others, (After all, we are human, and we do hold our grudges.), why don’t we try to promote ONE universal culture, that everyone is a part of?

Though of course, we all know that this idea is madness. After all, we all hate each other. Why the hell would we want to waste our time trying to make us like each other, and to accept each other?

So lets go back to the old method. Lets reinforce the cultural distinctions.

Lets cement stereotypes.

Lets be “Diverse”