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DragonCon 2012

Starting out, I suppose I could say that I’m one of the few who managed to escape Georgia Tech. Even managed to get a Bachelors in Computer Science in the process. And then, soon after, I was quickly relocated into the Seattle area. Even got hired out here!

And about me? I am Opinionated, Driven… and well, unique? As unique as anyone can be this day and age, after all, Are we all not unique in being the same.

But I suppose, more importantly, my interests are diverse, but for whats relevant here in the magical world of programming, they run along the lines of gameDev specifically in the form of  gameAI (it can be an interesting challenge, but I like to think of it more along the lines of world creation.) , InfoSec(A completely different type of challenge that allways seems to attempt to do its best to catch you off guard and on your toes.) and messing around with prediction and big datasets(My current focus). Of course, this isnt to mean that they don’t splatter anywhere and everywhere. Graph Theory for example is one of the many things that have interested me, along with other tangental topics, like 3d renderers (And other topics that would excite SIGGRAPH) (And it seems I also read a little bit of stuff from the ACM. Sometimes its interesting)

greyh@t at Georgia Tech also was a thing. It was fun, though we sucked at iCTF ( only top 20 I believe… ), though we rocked CSAW( top 4 qualified, 6th place in final round).

And thus, here I am.

As far as things I have done, during my tenure here at tech, include many silly things such as founding Humans vs Zombies here at campus, including admining 3 of the games. Also hacked together the original website, which is many many revisions old now. (and I doubt you’ll find a trace of it).

And the historical College years:

I also was the Executive Vice President of the Resident Hall Association back in 2010 on campus here. That involved alot of event management fun, as well as managing retreats/fellow board members. Out of that though, I think one of the best events we did was the Capture the Flag game, but I am a sucker for large, outdoor and active events. See HvZ.

As far as HvZ goes? I would love to see a three day or so overnight event in Dawson Forest, or the like, with 200+ people. That would be fun to run. I think at least.

I’m also trying to do a better job now of documenting what I have done. Seeing as most of that stuff tends to get lost to the obscurity of the hardrive reformat. One of the reasons I’ve started to attempt to document what I do here.


I hike, rant, dress up in fancy clothes, have a long lasting relationship with Real time Strategy, Turn based Strategy, Turn based Tatics, Real time Tatics, and Space/Science fiction games and books.

That, and just try to have fun. And a project.

After all, all a man really needs is a roof over his head, food on the plate, and a good project to keep him working.


Projects I have done:

https://github.com/Kurios/GThvzbot – IRC chatbot that did user authentication and channel management, making sure that zombies couldn’t talk to humans in a private human chat (and vice versa).

https://sourceforge.net/projects/settlertalk/ – a failure of an endevour into smalltalk in an attempt to recreate Settlers of Catan.

Links to Halfway relevant things about me:

https://github.com/Kurios <- Barren

http://www.facebook.com/kuriosly <- Barren

jack.morgan at kuriosly.com

If you got any questions, feel free to ask me!

http://kuriosly.com/resume.pdf <- that link is for me. Keeps me from loosing it… Not current though.

Not really looking for full-time work or part time Have a current interesting problem that needs solving.

Also something to foreseeably kill productivity when it finally comes out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/659943965/planetary-annihilation-a-next-generation-rts/?ref=kicktraq



And I’ll do more work on this later…

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