So yah, we build another statue. But not just any statue, but a statue of a a FOOTBALL COACH. One of the most productive members of an academic community, right?

So why don’t we make statues of someone useful? Or someone whom actually managed to contribute SOMETHING to society. So heres some ideas….

Issac Newton – Father of Science, ect ect.

Jimmy Carter – He was a US President, and a Gatech Alum.  A US president usually does something that affects millions of people in some way, right?

Joe Rodgers – He founded Wafflehouse. Which makes money, employs people, and directly affects way more people then a football coach. No matter said coaches winning streak.

Any Faculty that’s written a  substantial paper – Hell, at least they have something that has the possibility of helping people. And they might have a long lasting impact on humanity. Way longer then the relatively short impact a football coach has. They leave a legacy.

Or hell, best idea yet? We don’t build a statue. The money can be better spent on other things. Like research.

All in all, spending money on making statues of “football heros” is  a waste of institute funds. And its not what I pay intuition for either.

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