A slinder moment, a tender bliss
these hearts void spite a tender kiss.
A tender moment, hearts divide
and in that moment beckons a hearts death cry.

Yah. Randomness.

Things have been  hectic. (3rd week tests, woot.). So havent given stuff too much attention. That, and making the backend of a game isnt exactly the prettiest… Nor does it really give much substantial to talk about. After all, woot? I have tiles? Yah. Not really that exciting.

And the bot has seriously been back burnered. Time isnt tooo pressing, and tests and projects come first. This weekend though, we will see…


Also, looked at guildwars 3(finally. Took me a week and a half?) for a bout an hour… Seems kinda meh.

And if Im too lazy to draw. Why not poetry instead. Even if its horrible frags of poetry 😛

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