Goals, 2014


35% Personal

Musical – 20% Theme: To become a competent musician, able to contribute with others in a simi-professonal setting

  •  Play a music set by the end of the second half, 2014. (Rock/Metal) *Bass Guitar or Rythym Guitar
    • Measureable: Play One Set
  •  Increase core music theory proficiency on bass guitar by end of second half, 2014
    • Lessons, weekly, or online aids / tests
    • Online Tutorials
    • Measureable: Transcription / Songwriting test of unknown song from tab -> standard notation, and inverse
    • Extra Credit: Transcription to standard notation from ear
  •  Techical Proficency on Bass Guitar by end of second half, 2014
    • Scale running in various forms.
    • Measureable: Be able to run/play the following patterns/scales:
      • Folk
      • Blues
      • Rock (pentatonic Minor scale)
      • Heptatonic (Egyptian)

Physical – 15% Theme: To maintain a level of fitness that can support an active lifestyle and future health. Quote-“Use it or Lose it”

  •  Snowboarding – Attempt to make the most use of this season.
    • Measurable: Have 20+ On Slopes days this season (H1 2014)
  •  Martial Arts – Continue to make use of and grow in this skillset.
    • Measurable: Be a member of a martial arts community.

Professonal – 45%

Theme: To develop into a leading member of my field, with professonal grade projects, both inside and outside of my employer

Core – 20%

  •  Work Goals – Designed during each half. TBD. Reflects into emplyer’s goals
  •  Promotion – Reach the rank of Applied Researcher II within the year.
    • Measureable: Obtain next rank within company.

Outside of Employer Professonal Development – 15%

Internet Security – 10%

Theme: To renforce my knowledge of the Internet Security Industry, and to maintain my skills in offensive security, and systems security, with a slight focus on compromising systems and reverse engineering

  •  Conference – Go to a professonal conference in the field of security
    • Measurable: Attend a conference.
  •  Knowledge – Watch Semenars and talks to stay relevant in the field.
    • Measurable: Watch/Particiapte in at least 2 talks a week, for a total of at least 1.5 hours of education.
  •  Apply – Take the skills gained from conferences and lessons, and put them into practice in a competitive enviroment
    • Measurable: Take place in at least one competition per Half.
  •  Research: Attempt to do some penetration / analysis of my own.
    • Measurable: Submit one bug/Security flaw a half in a publicly available service, like Google Chrome or Micorsoft.

Computer Graphics and Game Theory -5%

Theme: To continute to grow in my hobby of computer graphics and game design, with thoughts torwards developing a game down the road.

  •  Apply and Create – Come up with and develop a system from scratch that can be played by others. *Measurable: Delivery of one game
    • Must be using OpenGL or DirectX as drawing layer, with myself handling the interaction on that layer (No abstraction/graphics engine).

Software Development 10%

  •  Flying T Ipad Replacement Software *Measurable: Ipad app to replace current filemaker pro solution.

Spiritual – 10%

Theme: To return to my roots and increase my effort to ground myself spiritually and in my faith, giving me an ethical foundation to stand upon

  •  Church Involvement – To become involved in one church group *Measurable: Be an active member of one church group.

Social – 5%

Theme: To met new people outside the sphere of professonal or personal-professonal influences

  •  Friendships To make new friends outside of the sphere of professonal or personal development tasks. *Measurable: Add 5-10 new contacts, with 1-2 people whom would be considered “friends”

Family – 5%

Theme: Family is important. So is seeing them

  •  Visit Home
    • Measurable: Visit Home once a quarter

From gist on github: https://gist.github.com/Kurios/8447859

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