Sir Lance-o-Lot: Inception

So, I’ve also decided to throw my hand into the three pound battlebot ring. With a lance type bot. (as proposed currently)

Not really much to show, this thing is fully on the drawing board, in fact, I had to talk to a few experienced builders just to understand how to build a 3lber in the first place.

Three Wheel design, (side wheels with tailwheel, ) Motors along a central, pichfork shaped spine. (The fork faces forward), batteries on the back. And vertically semetrical for the frame. So it can be safely flipped over and still work.

The end goal? A fully atonomous bot that runs around with a lance, using Teensys and Propellers as CPUs. Of sorts.

To War it shall be!

Deadline for this is Oct. 8th if memory serves me right. So plenty of time. I figure I got 5-10 days to get my shit togeather, two weeks for parts to get here, and a week to assemble and test. Most likely, this variant is going to be running  on full manual control, but we’ll have plenty of sensor data to play with before Chattacon (If I decide to go).


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