A start at Outpost Abaniden

Abaniden, or “Constructpaddles” was viewed to be a large mountain with a waterhead by the locals. Of course, dwarfs, bieng dwarfs, looked at all the value in that mountain, loaded with surface metals like Limonite, Cassiterite, and Terahedrite, and thought them themselves, “Lets Level it.” And thus, the outpost Abaniden was born, a small squad of 7 dwarfs, whom believed they where destined to level that  bloody mountain.

Spring 125

We dug a hole. It was a glorious hole. It even ramped down 5 levels. We love our hole. Now we shall hide our depot down there, with a little cute village. THEN! WE SHALL LEVEL THE VILE MOUNTAIN!

Summer 125

Wow time passes quickly as you build walls… Zipp, I blame you completely for this. Also, I blame you for the cavern that just collapsed on the miner dwarf, killing him.

10 Migrants arrived, bolstering the fortress carving crew. 2 of them where children.

We also seem to have a minimalist metal toolchain up and running.

Autumn 125

Blah! More digging. 6 more dwarfs showed up. Some stuff got dug, and quarters were laid out.

A Kae has stolen a <pig tail fiber hood>. meh. And a <pig tail fiber trousers>… dun really care bout spare clothes… and a sock… and a sheep wool cloak. a pig tail fiber left mitten. and a copper battle axe. This means war!

The outpost liason and some merchants have arrived. And the Kea stole a rough claro opal. I think the Kae got away. Deactivated the military.

We got a depot built and the traders started unloading. We sent some silver and pickaxes to them.

Winter 125

The merchants disembarked, and we demanded wood, and cats. Lots, and lots of cats.

Fuck! Why are buzzards stealing shit now! Posting the guards up at the merchants. it seems all the food we bought is currently getting stolen!

Our trade arangements this year are they want:

  • maces (142%)
  • legwear (121%)
  • anvils (164%)
  • prepared meals (196%)
  • fish (182%)
  • leather Earings (143%)
  • blocks ( 116%)
  • meat ( 118%)
  • scepters (153%)
  • cheese (117%)
  • thread(170%)

And a Kolbold appears, we sick some soldiers on him.

Spring 126 -> Miloti

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