Journey to Azothfeb

Today, we journey for the land of Azothfeb, Immortalityarrow. I think it has a nice ring to it. It is time for us to get to work! To dig! Before the dingomen get hungry. We expect a supply caravan by winter, and we plan to hold out till then. For the glory of all of Zulban Gasol!

Spring 128

The land was flat, and as thus, we decided to do something strange to dwarfs. Start a surface farm next to the river, with our focus of industry on the domains of farming and fishing. A small, underground barracks for storage will be dug however. However, it seems we where followed by a small pack of goats. Our lookout mistook them for goatmen. Quite a scare. A rather large fishing and farming industry was set up for the trading seasons, and the digging of a rocky living quarters for 12 was constructed. We can also note a shortage of farmers and fishers in the village, so we can expect the next immigrant wave to be retasked and set to purpose.

Summer 128

We continue our collecting and harvesting operations, our farms operating at sub-par capacity due to the lack of planters servicing them. 2 Migrants arrived into the village, A fishworker, whom shall be set to work immediately, and a gemcutter, who shall be retasked as a farmer-dwarf to help put out 200+ seeds into the earth. Both have seem to taken nicely to their new professions. The new set of stills and farmers workshops was constructed for the future threshers and brewers, and the raw materials stockpile was successfully excavated, and set for wood and stone. A heavy deforestation initiative was then started to help fuel the initial stockpile.

Autumn 128

We activated one Stillery, in an attempt to boost booze reserves. The masons, Carpenter  and cradtdwarf stalls also opened up this month. Our main issue still is our lack of workers for our industries. A trader depot was constructed for the winter onset of traders. Our mason was removed from fishworking duties. Another wave of migrants arrived. out of these, a trader and bookeeper will be chosen. 6 dwarfs, with two children. The merchants, along with our liason, has also arrived during this season. We started moving what little tradegoods we have, mostly foodstock and some booze. The finished good room was also finished.

Winter 128

Our broker is a slow, slow, slow man, and couldnt be arsed to make it to the trade depot fast enough to actually attempt to trade with the merchants. Way to be a hero. Seems drinking rum was way more important than trading goods. Maybe next year!

Also, seriously need more dwarfs. My industry is hampered by a lack of workers. Excavation of the first set of dorms has been completed.

Spring 129

The dwarfs have finally finalized the trade agreements. We are looking at for this year:

  • War Hammers  @ 188%
  • Shields/Bucklers @ 192%
  • Headwear @ 200 %
  • meat @ 114%
  • amulets @ 114%
  • Leather waterskins @ 164%
  • seeds @ 114%
  • blocks @ 126@
  • bracelets @ 119%
  • anvils @ 193%
  • scepters @ 110%

Migrants also arrived, numbering 25.

One child grew to become an adult.

And Oh Shit. Fun is happening.

The Wherehedgehog Kedom Jolupur has come! A large hedgehog twisted into humanoid form. It is crazed for blood and flesh. Its eyes glow scarlet. Its brown hair is patchy. You will now know why you fear the night.

A squad of 10 was formed to oppose this new threat, made out of whatever we could find, in addition to our one hunter armed with wooden bolts.The squad was then assembled and given orders to attack the hedgehog. It would be an interesting battle, mostly due to the complete lack of weapons. Kedom attacked my woodcutter, lacking on firmly, tearing apart muscles, and destroying bones.Then suddenly, in the midst of the onslaught, Kedom reverted to his human form and attempted to flee from the site, my dwarfs in hot pursuit, even with my woodsman, Avuz Fikodaran, laying on the ground bleeding out before any care could be provided to her. Kedom escaped this time.

In the meantime, a dwarf was taken by the mood and claimed a mason’s workshop, begaining a mysterious construction, Muthir Nilum, a gabbro armour stand.

An elven caravan then arrived. We hoped to gain weapons from the elves to defend ourselves with.

Summer 129

Did I mention this was the most clueless trading session ever? Either way, we traded alot of crafts and some booze for a hair of booze, and a lot of shields. A standing military of 5 dwarfs was created, in hopes of having trained warriors for the next attack.

Autumn 129

A snatcher appeared! A goblin thief, Smunstu Slaxuaxusp, has attempted to sneak into our village. He then appeared to have ran off. One of the dwarfs withdrew from society. Also hit a small galenda deposit. A new wave of migrants arrived, numbering 11, bringing us up to a total of 60 dwarves.

A planter was stricken by melancoly.

A new thief, Tikikishraybin, has shown up at our village. The military has been set upon him, though the hunters make short work of him before the military can arrive.

The outpost Liason from Zulban Gasol arrived with a caravan.

Winter 129

The planter, who was piorly stuck by melancoly, has died of thirst, her chosen method of suicide being to stop drinking. And once again, our broker is failure, and cannot manage to find time to sit at the depot to save his life, generating us another tradeless year. A goblin Thief appeared, killing a Farmer before making a getaway.

Also, one of these years, we will manage to get ourselves an anvil.

On a positive note, One of our dwarfs has given birth, helping to offset our losses.

Our miner entered a fey mood and started a mysterious construction in a mason’s workshop, resulting in Limubas, a diorite statue of Ngom Whiteterror, valued at 6600.

This item is a msterfully deisgned image of Ngom Whiteterror the goblin and Brassonslaught the Organized Equlaity the giant tigerin diorite by Lor Derenmuzish. Brassonslaught the Organized Equality is striking down Ngom Whiteterror. The artwork relates to the killing of the goblin Ngom Whiteterror by the giant tiger Brassonslaught the Organized Equality in the hills of Goring in 73.

Yay for history lessons from our miners. Another goblin thief appeared, fleeing before he could do any harm.

Spring 130

A goblin thief attempted to raid us again, stabbing a baby before we could return the favor and kill the thief. I think we are changing our general orders to include posting a sentry at the entrance to the fort. Kib was also apointed chief medical know-it-all, seeing as we have no trained doctors at this fort.

A migration wave hit, giving us a net gain of 24 dwarfs.

Expanded the charcoal making operation, and created a second newbie doctor.

One kid grew up. Also, another thief, it seems these things are getting more and more common. He was spotted stabbing a child in the farms near the surface, within visual range of the guardpost. After a long battle with much pain for the soldiers, eventually the goblin was killed. The damage was 1 dwarf that needed a crutch, 2 dwarfs that cannot stand, and 3 dwarfs that cant grasp a weapon.

The elvish caravan then arrived.

Summer 130

Sold 3725 worth of trade goods to the elfs. Bought a wren, some wine barrels, wooden weapons, crutches and splints to replace those used on the soldiers, giving the traders 660 profit. They did not accept the deal, so back off to 880 profit. Dropped back to 1129, they accepted. Soldiers re-equiped with wooden weapons and armour from the elves, tannery started mass-producing armour in an attempt to lessen future casualties. A diplomat also left unhappy, but noone really cares about them.

A new baby dwarf was born.

Atis Dorenoltar became mayor, and mandated the construction of goods, namely, he desires for us to make picks for him. Also, we will need to manufactire quarters for him. So we are back to needed a anvil to sate the mayor.

Libash Duthalushrir was found dead via dehydration. She will be layed to rest in the crypt, and a new recuit will take her place. First of the deaths from the last goblin thief. 10 more dwarfs arived, bringing our numbers up to 23.

And then a vile force of darkness arrived… Damnit, why didnt we get an anvil? It turns out a significant force of goblins, numbering 11 goblin hammermen, and 1 goblin swordsman, whom seemed to be riding a bat, took great interest in us. A giant militia was quickly created.

Firstly, all my hunters were organized into a ranged militia, the familial torches.

Secondly, we just started creating militias.

All my forces were set to station, and we had enough crossbows that I dared to create a second ranged squad, and two melee squads.

And dwarfs flew at their attackers. Kicks and punches and blows everywhere. Very quickly, 5 dwarfs were slaughtered. The milita captain Rith flew into a martial trance, the marksdwarf Thob putting a foot through the head of one goblin, the Hammerdwarf Nish dancing in combat. Quickly though, Rith was struck down by the goblin horde. The mayor, and his mandate of pickaxes, his skull bashed in by the goblin Ngokang’s iron shield. The sword dwarf Astesh Medtobasrer engaging in battle ferosiously.

during the combat, Ral Eshtanerlin, a stonecrafter went raging mad.

The sworddwarf Asteth continued her assualt, taking out her fury on the giant bat, tearing off its teeth with her wooden sword. knocing over goblins that stand in her way. She was later found dead.

The marksdwarf Thob continued his unrelenting assault, as Asmel started throwing a tantrum on the battlefield.

By now, the dwarf population has gone from 93 to 65… at the cost of 3 goblins.

And you know what goblins bring with them? A thief. More joy to the day.

By now, the goblin horde has made it into the fort proper. Reports of dwarfs found dead began to flow in.


More and more reports stream in


Dwarfs flee about the fortress, the remaining defenders attempt to salvage what is left of the situation. Normal citizens fleeing all over the place, praying for mercy to the blood god, (Whom of course is very entertained by the lack of mercy here, and will do nothing).

51… and 7 living goblins.

And a new mayor takes control during the Chaos, the self-elected mayor, Sarvesh Mezumablel, declared a ban on exporting stylish, high boots.


Fall 130

and 49 at the season change. The dwarfs, seeing no hope in the tunnels, take to the surface, fleeing about attempting to lose the goblin horde thirsty for their blood. Left and right dwarfs are going insane, some going stark raving mad, others, falling into melancholy.

And the population has fallen to 41. the dwarfs up there laying scattered wounded. Those that can move running from goblins.

We attempt to fight them off again, repopulating the squads with anyone able to wear armour. The mayor dies (again) as we are reduced to 27. dwarfs. 4 goblins are still invading that we know of.

Zulban Idendodok took up the arms of the next mayor of this village. Obviously he didnt get the hint about his predicessors.


One goblin left. All our remaining dwarfs were sicked onto him. If course, even this meant losses.

Our post battle dwarf count, not counting those who are missing that we dont know about yet, is at 25.

All dwarfs were returned to normal roles, and the wounded were counted, the missing sought out.

Of course, the dwarfs started the normal post-battle depression. The fortress covered in blood. And a wave of 8 migrants arrive  just in time to clean up the post-battle carnage.

On the plus side, food isnt an issue. on last count, we have 747 prepared meals and 352 prepared drinks.

So, current tally of forces.

  • 9 Dwarfs, wounded and out of commission.
  • 4 children
  • 1 baby

This leaves us with an effective 19 dwarfs. (and some of these are bound to kill themselves off from depression)

And, we are mandated to make amulets. I think we can do this one, great and glorious mayor.

So, we rearrange our dwarfs with a priority on medical. This means

  • 3 nurses
  • 1 assistant doctor, as the old doctor, Kib, can no longer stand due to sever sensory and motor function loss.
  • 1 doctor: Ushrir Iderith, who shall also be our Chief Medical Dwarf.

Our broker survived in one piece. He retains his job this time.

Our bookeeper was killed, so he is being replaced by As Kilrudgim.

This totals up to 7 dwarfs with jobs.

The following dwarfs are damaged and need healing before a return to work:

Thob Geshudiseth (Left Foot), Kib Rinalzon (Left Foot, Nerve Damage) Lor Itonsholid ( Hands Damaged), Alath Misavuz (Left Hand), Uzol Adekalath (Right and Left Hand, Infection) Fath Nanirmeng (Left Hand), Iton Mafollikot (Chest Damage), Nil Morulgusgash (Left Hand),

The following dwarfs are put to work in the following capacities:

Stinthad Siguzglar – Woodcutter

Muthkat Tobulnekut – Broker/Farmer

As Kilrudgim – Farmer/Bookeeper

Zulban Idendordok – Mayor/Hauler

Ushrir Iderith – Chief Medical Dwarf

Edem Orstistled – Doctor

Asmel Rigothhvod, Rimtar Gimudib, Lorbam Zanegonshen – Nurse

Asmel Okirlitast -Fisherdwarf

Shorast Regonul – Metalworker (Furnaces, Wood Burning, and metal armours/weapons/crafts)

Urist Itdunnish – Planter

Uvrad Zasdurad – Miner

Ral Eshtanerlin – Crafter (generic)

Morul Cerolabras – Bonecarver

Bim Eribusan – Mason/Carpender

Oddom Nishsulus, Ablel Regamith – Generic filler farm-task dwarf

Edem Uristorshur – Soapmaking / Leatherworking

The remaining 5 are children and babies.

Work started on digging and crafting coffins for the battle.

As Kilrudgim was struck by Melancholy. Replaced by Oddom Nishsulus as bookkeeper.

Morul Cerolabras was taken by a fay mood. His craft includes the corpse of a baby. One less corpse to bury then. Though he is screaming for tanned hides. That one may be hard to create.

Ral Eshtanerlin died of thirst, so we are down a crafter.

Alath Misavuz has fallin into melancholy. He was repairable with time too…

Muthkat Tobulnekut went stark raving mad. Broker is replaced with noone yet. At least he will be entertaining as he runs around in his madness…

Thob Geshudiseth died of thirst.

Adil Gimlikot grew up. Tasked her with being a miner.

One of the dying sword dwarfs went insane. Nobody cares, as he cant breathe anyways with the hole in his chest. Or hes limping about, attempting to kill my citizens now… One soldier was appointed to handle him, Stinthad Sigunzuglar the woodcutter. After a long fight, it was ended by the woodcutter, now the captain of the guard, punching the sworddwarf through the brain.

Oddom Nishsulus has now gone stark raving mad. he is an acceptable loss.

We have set a stray Ewe to slaughter.

And well, a caravan arrived before everything went completely to hell it seems.

Shorast Regonul has gone missing for the last week. We’ll write him off as dead.

A child was found dead from dyhydration.

A pair of ghosts has risen to haunt the fortress

Kib Rinalzon has been missing for a week also.

Also, it seems we have a vampire somewhere. A child was found dead, completely drained of blood…

for the count, down to 19…

And a thief shows up.

The bonecrafter went beserk. Send in the captain of the guard to pacify him. Or he decided to attack the caravan guards. Which made this easy.

Another thief… dont really care. Just want someone to move trade goods, but everyone is way too depressed to do anything…

As Kilrudgim died of dehydration.

2 more babies found dead…


Winter 130

Someone finally decided to start moving trade goods.

Asmel Okirlitast was found dead, dehydrated.

Sodel Odshithkonos was found dead.

Oddom Nishsulus died of thirst.

Alath Misavuz was found dead, dehydrated.

And the merchants left again without a trade, because everyone was too depressed to trade with them.


We are going to focus on one thing now. Burring the dead…

Uzol Adekalath found dead.

Udil Kilrudrith, Dwarven Child, went raving mad. Sent in a dwarf after him.

Another ghost has risen. At this rate, we will be a hit around halloween.

Muthkat Tobulnekut has been found dead via dehydration.

Ok, things are starting to normalize a hair. We have people digging and making coffins now. We have also started moving bodies behind a door so they are less visible in an attempt to raise morale.

A thief managed to steal a copper breastplate. I think we’ll manage to survive here.

Slowly but surely, the fortress starts to recover.

Stinthad Sigunzuglar has starved to death. We wont consider that one a tragedy…

Udil Kilrudrith, a child, died of thirst. Another no loss. With a population of 12, the child was a handcap to moral in a low moral situation….

And oh fuck fun!… an ambush… a small force of what looks like 4 goblin macemen and a goblin lasher have decided to party too! Just when we where putting things back together!

All but two dwarfs formed the reponse squad.

Uzol Rigothdakost nailed one of them with a lucky punch to the head, killing the goblin instantly. However, Urist was not so lucky with the goblin onslaught, and was knocked out by the goblin raiders, along with Edem Orstistled. Uzol continues to vent his fury on the goblins, punching the lasher repeatedly, untill one final blow fells the foul beast.

Ablel Regamith, Lorbam Zanegonshen, Uzol Rigothdakost, Urvad Zasduradm Edem Uristorshur all fell to the goblin raiders.

One of the ghosts has also gone violent. And the goblins fall to a whole new level of creulalty, hunting and slaying the fortresses kittens. My last two warrior dwarfs moved to engage the last three goblins… The mayor died without honour in the engagement, slayed viciously, and leaving an unhappy diplomat… again, and Amsel also proves disastrous in combat.

Spring 131

Two dwarfs remain, Bim Eribusan and ushrir Iderith, with goblins up above on the surface.  Another ambush happens. The two remaining dwarfs do their best to ignore it. This puts 9 goblins on the field of combat. Our only true hope is to survive till the next wave of immigrants as the goblins kill ever chicken, bird, tiger, and thing that moves.  The goblins however, decide to visit the inside of the fortress… and after a long chase, the mayor finds a pick through his head, leaving just the doctor left… until he too runs into the pack of goblins. he flees to the surface, only to run into the first pack of goblins. And there is alot of space to run in outdoors. Eventually, the goblins catch him, resulting in a trail of blood, and eventually, death.

Conquered, we are by the goblin hordes, and they feast upon our bones, and party with our silver.

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