This thing is one sexy, sexy beast of a robot. At least when your coming from a Rovio. For one, it is accurate, secondly, it is responsive. ( Did I mention the senors are accurate too?

But, onto the meat of this encounter…

For this little tidbit, we had to take this thing with ROS, and get it to “fixate” on three color dots that we printed out. The greatest challenge for this was convincing this bot that Blue was Blue due to shifting lights in the room. (It kept attempting to turn blue green). But all in all, once we got the camera calibrated, it worked like magic

It worked very, very well too, and I was very happy with this assignment. As an experiment, I took a hold of the aft of the cowling on the robot, and pulled it back a hair, and it has… amazing stickiness to that colored dot. And by that, I mean it sprung right pack to where it should be. We could also lead it about my moving the dots about (ie, carrying them). All in all, this was a fun bot to work with.


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