Update! Sprint two

I know I havent written about it in a while ( And I suck at actually getting around to posting… )


But anyways, here is the most current build of it. Mostly as a tech demo. And yah, it sucks, and is -0- fun….

but, it is an AI, and it is located on github.


And yah, it sucks. But… The playable build isnt due till December sometime.

Vertex Shader

HLSL Shader Template for use with SpriteBatch in XNA (Compatable with VS_3_0 .. or vertex Shader 3 )

float2 Viewport;
void SpriteVertexShader(inout float4 color : COLOR0,
inout float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0,
inout float4 position : POSITION0)
// Half pixel offset for correct texel centering.
position.xy -= 0.5;
// Viewport adjustment.
position.xy = position.xy / Viewport;
position.xy *= float2(2, -2);
position.xy -= float2(1, -1);


Mostly posting it here because I spent a while trying to find it online. Till I cobbled something together.

Caverns: Post 1: The Start

Ok, this update is going to suck. Lets see, we got the storyline hashed out and sudo-storyboarded. (text only, no pictures), so onwards!


Started to write the XNA game engine for this. Following http://xnagpa.net/xna4rpg.php for the most part, so really, its kinda meh as to actual “Content” Dont even really have any cool pictures to show to you 😛

Well, I guess I ~could~ show the titlescreen. Or at least my sketch of it:


More to come. (Soon)

Expect Daily Updates. T-12 Days till D-Day for this.